Fagard Designs


Digital Marketing and Advertising

  • Content Creation
  • Online and Offline Design
  • Brand Development

Video-based marketing

I specialize in video content creation, advertisements, and corporate promotional videos. Utilizing the latest tools in film-making and motion graphics, I have dedicated over 5,000 hours to producing, filming, editing, and color grading. My style is adaptable to the project, but I love trying new ideas and techniques to make sure your video is on the cutting-edge in terms of production values and story-line. Story telling is my jam. I also dabble in visual effects and 3D design.

From idea, to conception, I strive for perfection with the end goal being to develop a unique, engaging, and high-quality film. My number one priority is making sure that both you and I dig the end result. That's why communication is key. Often I find that both you and I aren't entirely sure what would make a perfect video for you – but we sure as hell know what we don't like or want... and that communication – that back and fourth – defines the creative process and assures that the end result is kick-ass. So what are you waiting for? Hit me up.


Aftermovies / Filming / Editing

Need an aftermovie or corporate event filmed? I offer professional filming and editing services. I have filmed numerous parties, seminars, conferences, the likes of which are view-able here.

I primarily film with the Canon C200 due its versatility and low-light performance, with the aim at giving the final product a cinematic feel. I understand the importance of using the right tool for the job, and can deliver in 4K should you require a higher resolution for a large viewing.

In addition to my filming and editing services I also offer:

  • Color correction/grading
  • Motion graphics integration
  • Logo stings
  • Audio post-processing

My knowledge in these areas will assure that you get the most out of the footage filmed, while impressing your customers, and ensuring a sustainable brand image.

Web / Graphic Design

I believe that great design is in the details. I also believe that design must support functionality, and vice versa. One can't, and shouldn't, be used to overcome the weaknesses of the other. Design is more than just choosing colors, typefaces, shapes, and images. Good design works to present information in such a way as to support the information it presents.


When I design a website, I'm constantly considering how the site will be used, and in turn how it should function. This way, you can be sure that both design and usability will be considered along every step of the way. I am well versed in both front-end (HTML, CSS, jQuery) and back-end scripting languages (php, ColdFusion, ASP), as well as content-management integration, search engine optimization, and database engineering/abstraction.

Flyers and Posters

Flyers and posters are a great, low-cost, and effective way to advertise. I primarily do graphic design for events, and student organizations. I try to create an ambiance, and style that can be likened to the atmosphere of the event, while keeping my design creative and eye-catching.